Description & History

Elite Progression was set up over 10 years ago. Karen Beckett is the Course Director & Teacher/Trainer. She has extensive experience in the catering industry (30 years) and specialises in Cooking Bake Off and Food Safety courses. She is qualified as a Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Tutor and enjoys working with learners with special needs and helping them to achieve their full potentials. Many courses have been run in the past with Swindon Advocacy Movement, OK4U, SEQOL and the Women's Refuge and Karen is hoping to work with learners at the Open Door in the near future.


Karen teaches many courses at schools and academies to parents of children at primary school ages to help them understand the new curriculums, terminology and grades, as ell as the SATs processes. These courses are very popular and are referred to as the SAT Buster or Keeping up with the Children  courses.

Volunteers are always welcome to join the lessons and Karen is very willing to help them to progress and learn from the lessons.

About the organisation

Elite Progression

Karen Beckett
Course Director/Teacher