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Swindon Contact the Elderly'Contact the Elderly' is a National Charity focused on tackling loneliness and isolation in people 75+ who live alone and don't get out much. It's entirely free and transport is provided A team of drivers is needed to provide the transport in & around Swindon (max 20/25 minute drive)
Swindon - Coram VoiceWe are a leading national charity offering an Independent Visitor service to a child or young person who is looked after by the Local Authority.
Swindon LibrariesVolunteer to help your local library
Swindon Live at HomeThe scheme is managed through MHA. To support an older person living in swindon with their independance. Membership scheme we offer social activites; lunch club, fish & chips, pub lunch & soup lunch. We also offer befriending and signposting.
Swindon SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service)SENDIASS is funded by SBC and operates as an independent and confidential service supporting parents and carers of children with spoecial educational needs and disability.
Swindon Therapy Centre for MS and other neurological conditionsWe are a registered charity that exists to provide help, support, friendship and proven therapies for people of all ages affected by MS and other neurological conditions.
The Children's FeteThe Children's Fete, Swindon's oldest running community and cultural event, celebrating Swindon's rich Heritage.
The Family ServiceThe Family Service provides early help to the most vulnerable children, young people and their families. We are committed to strengthening families and supporting them to make changes to improve their outcomes.
The Jessie May TrustJessie May Trust provides a Hospice at Home service for children across Swindon & Wiltshire. Today looking after 35 families & 4 bereaved families with medical & emotionally support. Jessie May has to fundraise for its support as here there is no government funding available.
Wiltshire Savings & Loans Credit UnionWiltshire Savings and Loans is a Credit Union operating across the whole of Wiltshire & Swindon. A credit union is a local financial cooperative that enables people within a defined community to work together and help each other get on top of their finances by offering savings and loans products.