A Quest for West

During 2015 Marilyn (pictured) and Dennis collected 108 bags of rubbish and 2940 bottles and cans taken for recycling

Marilyn and Dennis decided to start picking up litter around two years ago when they were becoming despondent at seeing so much litter everywhere in their local area.  Their daily walk from Toothill to the West Swindon Centre really highlighted the issue.  

They started by taking carrier bags with them on their daily walk and picked up rubbish along the way.  When they reach West Swindon Centre they would then recycle it.

During this time they joined the health walk and met up with SBC’s Localities Team who were able to support them with their quest to make West a tidier place.  They were given litter picking packs that included litter picker, hoop, gloves, bags, recording sheets, and health and safety guidance.  This gave them the tools they need to do a safe job and encouraged them to go out once a week to litter pick the streets around their home.  

Through their connection with Toothill Residents Association they now organise and advertise regular community litter pick where other volunteers can join in to take care of a local area that matters to them. 


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